To be competitive in modern markets, your small business needs a high quality, effective website to reach new customers, build credibility, and grow your brand. 
A badly built and designed website that doesn’t perform well is not only a waste of money, it can damage your business’s reputation
Like most other small business owners, you probably don’t have time to search for providers, check reviews, provide detailed briefs, and spend time checking the content and technical quality of a website. 
As a result, you could spend too much on an overly technical site that you don’t need or compromise with a low-cost or self-build option that doesn’t represent your business properly and which won’t be found by search engines. 
Here, we take a look at three common problems faced by small business owners who are looking for a website to meet their needs. 

Lack of support 

It’s one thing to launch a new website and another to maintain it. Many businesses find that they struggle once their website is live. In some cases, they won’t even be able to update the content themselves. When technical upgrades are needed, there will be extra expense to make sure they are implemented, and any technical changes will take time and money to achieve. In extreme cases, a lack of security upgrades could result in website downtime or pages that are very slow to load. 
For your business to perform well online, visitors to your site should enjoy a fast, easy user experience. That means your website should be professionally designed and the package should include ongoing technical maintenance and support
If you choose an it’seeze site, you will have the support of a local website consultant to work with you. Together you will agree what you’re looking for in terms of structure, function and style; the rest will be done for you. In many cases your site will be up and running in just two months, ready to showcase your business and impress your customers. 
Reliable one-to-one advice and help with any technical questions will always be just a phone call or email away. 

Poor design 

Web design isn’t just about how your website looks, it’s also about how well it works. Web design is constantly evolving so you can’t afford to neglect it. It’s easy to identify sites that haven’t been updated for months or even years, which look outdated and unprofessional. 
Worse still, the site might not meet current data protection requirements, which could result in fines for your business. 
Websites that are low quality and difficult to navigate, especially on mobile phones and tablets, won’t perform well. If a site doesn’t work on mobile devices (known as being non-responsive), you could be missing out on up to half of your online opportunities. 
it’seeze websites are professionally designed and fully responsive. Once your site is live you will be able to monitor the results for yourself with an easy-to-use selection of statistics. 

Limited functions 

A small business website that is fast to load and is regularly updated will perform much better in search results than older, slower sites. One of the biggest problems many businesses have with their websites is the ability to easily edit content. This will seriously limit the value of your site. 
For some professional services, it is essential to provide updates about changes in legislation or best practices straight away. If a web developer is slow to respond with updates, you could find yourself facing serious business risks. 
Once you can easily update pages and add blog posts you will have fresh new content that you can share with your customers in an email or on social media. It gives you a reason to get in touch and will encourage people to visit your site. It will also help you to present your brand image and values online. 
Easy editing is one of the key features of an it’seeze website. You are in complete control of your content and you can make sure that it is tailored to meet the needs of your market sector. You don’t need any specialist training and, as soon as you publish your new content, it will be available online. You can easily add new pages and update existing ones and include new images and layouts. 

Why us.... 

Read more about why choosing an it'seeze website makes sense and see a selection of our website designs on our portfolio page
Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about how an it’seeze website can help your business to succeed online. 
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