Other services. 

Other services. 

Take your it’seeze website further with our online marketing services 

Everything you need to achieve your online goals 

Your it’seeze website is packed with all the things you need to showcase your products and services, stand out against the crowd, and grow your business online. However, you may find that before you can experience the full benefits of our web design services, you need help with your logo or website content to really make your online presence shine. Or perhaps now your website is live, you’re ready to up your marketing strategy with targeted onsite SEO. The good news is, you don’t have to go far to give your website a boost – you can rely on us to provide you with digital marketing services that meet your needs. 
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 Graphic design 

A simple text-based logo, professional stock photography, and premium illustrations are included as standard with all it’seeze websites, but if you’re looking for something more, our affordable graphic design services are the answer. Professionally designed graphics – such as a full logo for web and print – will help you to achieve a branded look for your business and make your brand more recognisable. 
We can offer you: 
Logo design - £350* 
Social media banners - £85* each 
Social media banner package - £220* (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) 
*All prices + VAT.  
If you require graphic design for printed materials, please contact us. 


The content on your website is there to do an important job – written well, it will help you make a great first impression, distinguish you from competitors, and encourage visitors to become paying customers. Our skilled copywriters will create compelling content for your site, helping you to show the world who your business is and exactly what you have to offer. All copy will be written with SEO in mind to give your website a great chance of ranking well in the search results. 
We can offer you: 
Copy for an it’seeze Plus website - £200* 
Copy for an it’seeze Max** or Shop** website - £400* 
Copy for your blog - £100* 
*Prices + VAT **Up to 10 pages 
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Having unique professional photography of you and your business, for your website, will help you stand out from the crowd and add that personal touch.  
When you choose it’seeze Web Design Milton Keynes for your new website, we can arrange for a professional photo shoot. Our photography partner will come to your location of work and for 2 hours take unique images of your business. For example, team shots, headshots or working pictures which we will use on your website to make it more personal. As well as us using these images on your new website you will receive copies to use throughout your marketing materials. 
2 hour business photography shoot - £250* 
For longer time or multi location shoots please contact us for quote.  
*Based on single location shoot within 1 hour driving distance of Milton Keynes 
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Ready to level up your online marketing? 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the digital marketing services we can offer you – simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with more information. 
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