Think about it, if somebody landed on your website right now, would they be drawn in by the professional web design of it or would they be ready to leave in a matter of seconds?  
If the latter, why? This is an incredibly important question that you should be asking yourself frequently due to the fact that what is trending in the world of business web design is constantly evolving. What was working, getting people to stay on sites and leading to conversion one day, won’t have the same effect the next. 
Essentially, as well as staying on top of the game in your market, an entrepreneur should also stay on top of what is trending in web design, namely what is attracting customers the most at the minute. These trends should be incorporated into the design of the businesses website due to the fact the internet is such a huge element when it comes to organisations being successful now. This article will discuss the web design trends that are most likely to dominate throughout 2022. 

Dynamic Content 

Consumers are always going to want information that is both relevant to them and the product that you intend on selling in a very clear and concise way. If you have a website that can display dynamic content, then you will have higher engagement and conversion rates. But that still begs the question, what actually is dynamic content?  
Dynamic content is essentially information, data or visuals that users are shown based on whereabouts they are based or what their interests are. For example, if a user is to look for a website in London, then flies to New York and searches the same thing, thanks to the dynamic content on these sites, the results will be different due to the location. 

Voice Activated Interface 

Voice search has been increasing in popularity more and more in recent years as people use it to check the weather, confirm their status of orders and also now search general queries. As opposed to searching in Google, people will instead use their Alexa’s, Siri's or Hey Google's as a means to search for things and therefore, a voice activated interface being incorporated into effective web design is inevitable. This means that users should be able to speak to your website and be able to tell it what they want to see. 


Videos are hugely popular when it comes to web design and also online marketing given they are incredibly engaging and can convey a large amount of information in a short space of time. That being said, though videos are still a great form of content, there is a chance that they are slowing your website down a considerable amount.  
So, what is the alternative? Well, in 2022 and beyond it’s more than likely we are going to start to see micro-animations take the lead. What are these? You ask. Well, GIFs are a prime example. They’re essentially a very short animation that can be used to convey more than words usually could. They are great for making your website pop and can encapsulate the attention of prospective users very quickly. 

Bold Colours 

Sure, bold colours were used frequently on websites anyway, but they are more prevalent now than ever thanks to the negative effect that 2020 & 2021 had on a lot of people’s lives. This is one of the main reasons that bright and bold colours which ooze positivity now drape most websites you will visit. Not only does it look nice but the colours used on websites also gives off a subliminal message to users and it also has a specific meaning to what they may think of a product.  
You should do your research on different colours to find out what they might represent and whether this is in line with your brand's values and the overall message that you are trying to convey to consumers. 

Think About Mobile Users 

The number of consumers who use their mobile device to make purchases now outweighs the amount of people who shop online using their computer. As such, you need to ensure that your website is both computer friendly and mobile friendly. It needs to be both intuitive and easy to navigate using just the thumb so that people browsing on their mobiles won’t be deterred from spending money with you. In this aspect, simplicity is key! 

Dark Mode 

When it comes to working out new trends, all you need to do is look at what major corporations are doing. With dark mode, it started with twitter and then more or less all of social media began incorporating it as well. This was soon followed by Apple who included dark mode on one of their iOS updates and now, it is clear that all websites are going to need to incorporate it in order to keep up. It doesn’t just look cool when a phone is in dark mode, it makes the contents of that phone much more accessible as users don’t have to strain their eyes as much and get headaches when they are trying to. 


To conclude, there is no doubt that the internet remains a dominant factor when it comes to promoting your business and generating sales. This increase in conversion starts with an easy-to-use and slick website. The design trends for websites have a tendency to fluctuate as does every other design trend and so it is important to stay on top of these so that prospective customers do not visit your site, see something out of date and then leave. 
Staying on top of these trends can be difficult whilst also trying to run your business which is why a lot of organisations opt for the help of professional web designers such as It’seeze Web Design Milton Keynes. These offer affordable web design and are able to create high quality and fast websites that will lead to better conversion for your business. If you have any questions regarding what It’seeze can do for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to answer any of your questions. 
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