An extremely good way to very simply increase the number of enquiries you're getting through your website is to introduce contact forms, to every page if possible. 
Just having a contact form on the 'contact us' page is no longer enough. Generally speaking, in any kind of marketing, it's always a good idea to offer your customers multiple ways of getting in touch, the reason being that some people don't like to pick up the phone, some people don't want to write an email, some people will never go to your social media pages etc etc. The point being that, the easier you make it for people to get in touch, the more they will get in touch. 
In any sector, there is an increase in new customer enquiries when contact forms are used 
What would happen if you doubled the amount of enquiries your website was getting? It would make a HUGE difference. If you can increase the number of enquiries your website is getting by even just 10%, the effect it has on your bottom line massive. As a result, you'll be a much happier and much more profitable business owner! 
This might seem like a really simple tip, however in business, it's quite often the simple stuff that isn't done well, and when it is done well, it makes a huge difference. Doing the above is pretty basic. 
If you wanted to take things up a notch you could: 
1) Give people a reason to get in touch. Introduce an free e-book, a how-to-guide, a cheat sheet, a free consultation...something that will entice the prospect to fill in their details 
2) Setting up an email auto responder, so that emails are automatically sent in an automated sequence to your prospects are a very efficient way of increasing your level of sales or at the very least developing the relationship you have with your prospects. The reason for this is that they are gradually getting more information that's important to them, more reasons to buy from you, and you put yourself in front of them more often meaning a higher chance of a sale being made as oppose to just losing the opportunity. 
With it'seeze websites, adding contact forms is super easy task and takes just a few minutes. Get in touch if you want more sales! 
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