Here we take a look at why your website content is so important. 
Planning a new website is exciting. You can spend time thinking about branding, colours, photography, and menu structures that will really appeal to your audience. To start with, the wording for your website isn’t the top priority, but you’ll soon find your web designer asking for your content. 
For your website to perform well on search engine results pages (SERPs) your content must work really hard for you. 

Why website content is more than words 

The right content for your website will help your business to: 
Communicate with your customers – you can provide useful information about your business, what it does, and what you’re like to work with. 
Be discovered online – with the right keywords in the right places, Google will find it easier to match your site with people’s online searches, so the right people find your pages. 
Increase visitors to your site – once people have found your site as part of their search, the metadata you have included will tell them that they have found the right business and they will click through to your site. 
Build a good reputation – people will value well-written content that is relevant to their search and useful, giving them confidence in your business. 
Increase enquiries and sales – your well-planned content can lead your visitor through your site to the point where they complete an enquiry form, call you, or make an online purchase. 

What makes good web content? 

Firstly, it’s important to write high quality content that is great for people as well as good for Google. 
People need to find your website easily and your content needs to reward them by being useful and informative. Google rewards sites that provide good content. 
Here are seven simple steps to create quality content for your website. 

1. Make it unique 

‘Copied’ or ‘duplicate’ content won’t help your website’s performance and if you claim someone else’s content as your own it will look very unprofessional. 

2. Make it relevant 

Your content must be written with your target audience in mind, using keywords and phrases that they will use. It must also have the right tone, which will depend on who you expect to visit your site. 

3. Be organised 

Content structure is important so that readers can immediately see that it is relevant to them and they can easily find what they’re looking for. Both search engines and readers like to find important information at the top of the page with optimised headings to show what else they will find. 

4. Use plain English 

Keep sentences short (no more than 15 words) and use the simplest words you can to tell your story. To keep people reading use plenty of headings and keep paragraphs short too.  
Even if your business is very technical make sure you avoid jargon and spell out terms fully the first time you use them with their acronyms in brackets afterwards. 

5. Be purposeful 

Your goal is to encourage visitors to your site to contact you so you can start a conversation. That’s why every page should have a clear purpose and call to action. 

6. Focus on customer needs 

Make sure you explain clearly how you can provide the solution to your customer’s problem. In other words, explain how they will benefit from your product or service. 

7. Be error-free 

Once you have crafted your content, check it carefully to make sure that spelling, punctuation, and grammar are all faultless. If possible, ask someone else to check it too. 

Professional copywriting support 

Does this sound like too much of a challenge for you as part of your business schedule? 
The alternative is to work with a professional copywriter who can include all these best practices and bring a new perspective to your online content. 
It’s a copywriter’s job to understand your business, brand, personality, and key messages. The content they create for you will be unique and impactful and will help your business to perform well online. 
Your copywriter will make sure your keywords are included naturally and in all the right places. Your headings will be helpful and well organised, and you can be confident that the content is well researched, accurate, and interesting to read. 

The complete online package 

Of course, brilliant content needs a brilliant website to appear on. The websites we create here at it'seeze Web Design Milton Keynes are easy to edit, so you have complete control. They are also custom-designed to work effectively in the modern online world. As well as designing you a great new website, we can also put you in touch with a trusted, professional copywriter who will help you to create the high-quality content your website deserves. 
Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the professional web design services and affordable website packages we can offer you. 
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