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I go to lots of networking meetings - which I do really enjoy. However quite often, I've noticed that business owners can sometimes pitch all over you, without really having raised a hand to say 'I'm interested'. The trouble is, if unready, this can appear quite pushy and like strong '80's style' selling tactics which are really off-putting. 
An extremely good way to very simply increase the number of enquiries you're getting through your website is to introduce contact forms, to every page if possible. 
Lack of sales? Not enough leads? One of the biggest complaints I often hear from business owners is that they know they should get a website, and so they got one, but aren't really sure WHY they got one. For most people, it's for getting additional sales. Some may say it's for credibility, however the credibility ultimately leads to sales, so getting sales from your website is a must! 
I've recently been doing a lot of local networking in & around Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire. I like to mix it up from local BNI groups, to the more relaxed 4Networking, to the speed dating of the business world Business Biscotti. Anyway, after a few years 'out the circuit' and coming back to it, it's got me thinking about how people do things. 
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