Hi. I suppose I'd best introduce myself. My name is Yiannis Triplis. I'm the owner of It'seeze Websites Milton Keynes & Luton, & I'm on a crusade to help as many small local businesses in the Milton Keynes & Luton (and surrounding villages of course) region to get much more profitable and much more successful. 
Hi. I suppose I'd best introduce myself. My name is Yiannis Triplis. I'm the owner of It'seeze Websites Milton Keynes & Luton, & I'm on a crusade to help as many small local businesses in the Milton Keynes & Luton (and surrounding villages of course) region to get much more profitable and much more successful. 
A Little Bit About Me 
You're probably thinking, 'Ok, who is this guy and why should I listen to him?'. I totally understand I'd be thinking the same. Well in the last 5 years I've launched two different businesses in different sectors from scratch, (infact I started with a credit card and a 2k limit) and taken them both into 6-digit figures. I know a bit about running a business, making them more profitable, and what it takes to do that exactly. 
For those looking for more detail, I actually started out as a tradesman. Yes...tradesman turned website consultant. I used to have a painting & decorating business...the residential type doing painting and wallpapering in peoples homes. I realised way back when I very first started out that getting customers was vital. I'd go as far as saying that I became completely obssessed with finding ways of becoming super good at getting new clients and the only way to do that was to study and practise. In a two year period I spent around £15,000 in marketing education, learnt from some of the best, and read a lot of books. Tonnes of them infact.  
On top of this, I've spent tens of thousands of hard earned cash out of my own pocket on advertising. I know what works and what doesn't. Because I've been there. I know what it feels like to spend my own hard earned money. I know what it means to you. And that's why I care. 
(I need to briefly mention that my blogs will be written with the aim of having maximum impact on the reader and getting the key messages across, instead of focussng on grammar perfect copy - please forgive any minor errors) 
Let's be honest, most of us are in business for the money. Most of us will say that we love helping people, we're doing what we were born to do blah blah blah, which is all very TRUE. However without the money, it doesn't sustain, it never does. So if you're having fun but making no money - then teek heed...things may have to change a little (or a lot). 
I can honestly say that in my industry at the time, I was regularly being told that I was probably the most advanced marketing painter & decorator people had ever seen. I mean I was doing websites, landing pages, videos, Google ad's, facebook ad's, SEO, social media content, directories, leaflets, referal campaigns, networking, thank you cards, neighbour campaigns...pretty much anything that gave me a good result. However after not too long, I became great at optimising and leveraging. Finding ways to leverage the marketing 'pillars' or 'methods' that worked best for me and giving me a much greater bang for my buck and saving me loads of time. 
It got to a point I was sitting at home doing nothing, and the leads were pouring into my email inbox from my website. Customers on a tap. I loved it. As a company, we were busy with work 12 months a year, we were taking on staff and getting some huge projects, we were in a position to pick and choose who we worked for, and because we were so busy, we were able to raise our prices to some of the highest in the area. All this meant I was much more profitable! However it's important to note that because I could charge more money, it raised the 'kind of client' I was attracting, meaning I was doing better quality work and even happier customers!  
Although pricing is a topic for another blog post perhaps. 
The more clients you have, the more you can outsource. The more you charge, the more margin you have to delegate. The more you outsource and delegate to others, the more freedom you'll have! 
So it's pretty obvious that getting customers, keeping customers and pricing are fundamental to any business owners' potential growth or exit plans. I've found that if you're not growing - you're not happy. So it's best to get into a place where some kind of growth is being made in some area of your business. 
My second business was in the pet business with my partner Toni. Here's the site www.whiskerstails.co.uk. Same principles apply, drive customers, get your key messages across, grow the business and enjoy the success! 
In both businesses I've ran, 95% of my income was generated via my websites. Having a website that 'performs' is possibly the most important part of your entire marketing arsenal. 
Now I know there's a tonne of people sitting thinking, 'Well mine has only got me two leads the whole year, word of mouth & referrals are much better'. Word of mouth isn't marketing - it's luck. It's relying on luck and a certain amount of business coming in as & when, but definitely isn't a 'growth' strategy. It's also very 1980's. Fair enough....it's good and an important part of any business, but if you want fast and real results, which 99% of businesses can get quite easily with some simple steps, a good quality website and some traffic to that website is the secret sauce that makes the pudding.  
Cutting to the chase a little, I loved websites so much, and tweaking them, and making them work, that I started a web business helping people with websites. So here I am, ready to impart my knowledge, skills and expertise, to help you grow your business.  
I'm going to be running the blog mainly as a way of providing value, knowledge & expertise in an effort to help you. Please do leave comments, I'd love to hear from you, connect with you, and maybe even go out for coffee or natter on the phone if you need any help or advice with web related stuff. 
*TOP TIP - I mentioned that I used to read a lot. Reading business books is probably the No1 activity you can do to start educating yourself and making your business run better. You can start by reading this blog!* 
Thanks for reading & hope to connect with you soon.  
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On 20th May 2017 at 18:48, Bina Briggs wrote:
Hi Yiannis,
Congratulations, well said and all the very best to you! We shall be chatting soon. X
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