We recently created a refreshing & clean new website for Luton based Sam McKay of Positive Roots consultancy who support families & teens in distress. 
Samantha's previous website consisted of only a few pages and had a minimal amount of quality written content, and on top of this the original design by the previous designer was very basic and didn't represent her personally or her company very well. 
She wanted something that was a lot more modern, more professional looking and that would get found on Google too! 
The work that Samantha does focuses on helping teenagers who are involved in crime or families in distress, so appealing to those target markets in a way which doesn't make them feel nervous is very important. 
We started off by creating her several new logo concepts, and she chose her favourite out of the 3 that we produced. The logo represents her vision of starting at the roots of a situation (like a tree) and then helping people flourish into having better quality behaviours and lives as a result. Very rewarding work indeed! 
She needed the website to appear modern and professional, and also one that appealed to families who are going through tough times - so it had to have a calm and comforting feel to it. However she also gets many contracts from councils and professional organisations, so the website had to also appeal to 'corporate' bodies and not just individuals. The old website she had wasn't optimised for mobiles and tablets, and also wasn't being found very well on Google for common searches related to her industry. 
We decided to keep the site light & friendly, with a professional feel and using happy and positive family based photography and avoiding using conventional or traditional stock photography. Her new website is now fully editable which she can do whenever she wants, it looks great on all devices and is now being found well on Google for several search terms. 
Have a look here! 
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