In our personal experience here at itseeze Milton Keynes HQ, we've noticed that of all the business owners we meet, there are very few who have a solid online marketing strategy in place. This may sound a little complex or like a huge task, so let's break it down in terms of websites specifically, as ultimately...that's what we deal with. 
Understanding The Bigger Picture 
It's a great idea to think of a website as the body of a car. If you had a car that looked great, was perfectly designed, had all the bells & whistles, but had no engine, then you wouldn't get very far! Comparing this to websites, having a great quality website is superb, but some thought into how the website will generate leads (or how fast it will go) is required. 
A website is your online shop window. However, even with the best shop windows in the world, if no-one walks by them, they won't generate any sales! 
Your website strategy plan need not be complicated, however you should be thinking: 
A) What is the goal of your website? Is it to generate leads, to act as a credibility piece, or both? 
B) Where are your customers searching for what you do now? 
C) How can you get them to get in touch with you asking for what you offer?  
D) What messages is your website conveying? 
E) Is there anything currently 'turning-off' your potential new clients 
A website needs traffic (visitors) pushed to it. Not just any old visitor, but visitors who are interested in buying from you and who have a need for your services. The low-hanging fruit. 
With it'seeze Websites, it's incredibly easy using our on-board SEO tools to update your SEO settings and achieve fantastic results on Google which is all included for FREE in our website packages. For extra SEO effect, you can use our blogging tool which is included in our Max & Commerce packages, to get some great rankings from Google as they love fresh and relevant content and a blog is a great way to do this. 
However SEO alone in most cases isn't enough. Google AdWords is also a fantastic way (and is worthwhile for 95% of businesses) to generate new clients and it guarantees a top position on page 1 of Google instantly without having to wait or rely on Google. If you could invest say, £100 in Advertising Spend and get a return of £1000 on a consistent basis, it would probably for most business owners, be a no-brainer continual investment, that over the space of a year would increase your level of sales dramatically.  
The Bottom Line 
The best results in our experience are when small businesses use a combination of SEO & use paid advertising via Google Ad's.  
All of the above being said, before investing in any kind of SEO or AdWords campaign, you need to have a website that looks awesome, says the right things and is ahead of your competitors, if it's not, then starting with a professional bespoke website (which doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming at all), created by marketing professionals, is your best and fastest option.  
I spoke with a gas-man a few days ago and he said to me 'I've noticed that my competitors who have less experience than me and aren't as good or experienced as me, are getting a lot more work than what I am, and are busy all the time even in the summer whereas I'm always quiet.' It's a case of McDonalds definitely don't make the best burgers, but they do have the biggest burger business. 
The truth is that if you look at your direct competitors in your area, and they have better looking websites that are ranking better on Google, then clients searching on Google for what you do whether it's 'plumber in Milton Keynes' or 'italian restaurant in Luton' are also doing the exact same thing of comparing and simply going for the best option they can see. 
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