The ‘Human Works Academy’ supports individuals in becoming self-directed learners; working with career climbers and jobseekers on the five key skills required to make the most of opportunities that come their way. 
Business owner and author, Debra Stevens and her partner Peter Rice, contacted it’seeze Web Design Milton Keynes when they were in need of a professionally designed website to promote Debra's new book – ‘Stand Out.’ 
What began as a single-site project quickly turned into three websites. Scroll down to learn more about Debra, her business and book release, and how it’seeze created three separate websites with all the necessary functionality needed to meet the brief. 

Contacting the it’seeze team 

Debra & Peter contacted it’seeze following a recommendation from another supplier, who cited the high quality of our websites and reasonable costs
They engaged our services initially to build a site to publicise Debra's new book. However, when the publication of the book was delayed, attention was turned to creating an updated website for her business, Dramatic Training Solutions. 
Dramatic Training Solutions (DTS) offer training and development for businesses and individuals through practical workshops, working alongside professional actors, to help the delegates to learn and to retain their learning. 
Debra and the DTS team have been in the training business for over 26 years, working with global companies such as Coca Cola, Network Rail and Hovis, to name just a few. 
“I’ve been in business for a long time and spent thousands of pounds with various so-called website builders and web designers. In all that time I’ve always been disappointed by bad design, misinterpretation of the brief, the time it takes and most of all the amount of money it costs!! It all changed the day we met Andy from it’seeze Web Design Milton Keynes. He completely understood our brief and produced a website that not only visually represented our training company, but was simple to use – and the price made it exceptional value.” 
Peter Rice - Dramatic Training Solutions & Human Works Academy 

Building the 'Dramatic Training Solutions' website 

By the time Debra & Peter got in touch with it’seeze, the original DTS website was a few years old and becoming a little outdated. Editing the site had become difficult, and a number of technical issues had arisen. 
The need for an update to the site was clear. Having lost touch with the web designer that created the site, they turned to it’seeze to develop a modern, well-functioning, easily editable website – benefiting from the knowledge of a local Milton Keynes web design company that they could contact if support was needed. 
The original DTS site was on-brand, so the new site needed to match the look and feel as much as possible, whilst giving it a modern edge and improving functionality and editability. 
Due to the size and required features, the website was created with the it’seeze Max Package. Upon launch there were approximately 40 pages included within the site, including a blog - check it out here 
As much of the business’s training had moved online at this time, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, additional features were implemented to engage visitors, including information about online workshops, videos and an interactive quiz. 
“We were so impressed we asked Andy to produce our next two websites, to support the launch of Deborah’s book, ‘Stand Out’, and its support resource site – ‘Human Works Academy.’  
it’seeze does exactly what it says on the tin.” 
Peter Rice, Dramatic Training Solutions & Human Works Academy. 

'The Human Works Academy’ website 

On completion of the DTS website, the client was incredibly impressed. We had provided them with a professionally designed website that worked and looked exactly as they had expected. 
The simple-to-use editor meant that their team could add new blog posts with ease, and the technical issues that plagued the original were no more. 
Because of this, our team was commissioned for a second website that would – along with the planned promotional website – support the launch of the book and 'The Human Works Academy’ Facebook group
The ‘Human Works Academy’ website was to be a simple one-page scrolling site that incorporated numerous artistic images that were commissioned by the client - see them all here 
The completed project went live less than one month after the initial discussion with the client – and turned out exactly as they had envisioned. 
As this website was smaller than the DTS site we created it using our Plus Package, which allowed for the addition of an embedded quiz, designed to increase visitor engagement, and add value to those using the site. 
In addition to the one-page scrolling function, our team included a page dedicated to the book as an additional tool for promotion. 

‘Stand Out’ website and book release 

Debra’s book was originally planned for publication in early 2020. However, the emergence of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown made it necessary to make some edits relating to the ‘new normal’ and how it could affect the future. 
Once the amended version of the book was ready and the launch was imminent, it was time to design the promotional website for the release; which was the intention when Debra and Peter first contacted us. 
The client was very happy with the design quality of the first two websites and the excellent service provided throughout, but opted initially to build the ‘Stand Out’ website themselves using a DIY website builder. 
Facing difficulties in getting the site to look and work properly – particularly on mobile devices – they made the decision that their time would be better spent on other tasks and contacted us to assist with the development of their third site, 
At this point in time, the book launch was imminent, and the new website was an urgent priority. As with the previous project, our team created a professional website in under a month to accompany the launch of the book. 
The website is a simple one page scrolling website built using our Lite Package. As there were no extra features required, this entry level package was the ideal option. 

Connecting the two websites 

The ‘Stand Out’ and ‘Human Works Academy’ websites were built to complement each other. Designed with the purpose of promoting the book and the academy together; driving traffic to and from each other. 
Essentially, the ‘Stand Out’ site publicises the book; the book directs the reader to the ‘Human Works Academy’ website, which in turn directs visitors to join the free Academy. 
The focus with these projects was on streamlining the customer journey from product discovery to book purchase, through to the opportunity to join a rewarding community full of like-minded people. 

The results 

Through clear communication, the ability to adapt and willingness to alter course, our designers were able to build three separate websites that met and surpassed client expectations. 
All three sites are on-brand, using a combination of our web design packages, which ensured the client did not spend money on features that were not necessary. 
Since designing and building the updated DTS website – with emphasis on the online training aspect – the company has seen an increase in enquiries and bookings for their training services. At the time of writing this case study the 'Stand Out' book launch had just taken place so we are looking forward to the success that the other two websites help to generate. 
If your business is in need of professional web design services, get in touch with it’seeze Web Design Milton Keynes to chat about your requirements with our friendly team who will be happy to discuss the best, most cost-effective solution with you. 
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