I go to lots of networking meetings - which I do really enjoy. However quite often, I've noticed that business owners can sometimes pitch all over you, without really having raised a hand to say 'I'm interested'. The trouble is, if unready, this can appear quite pushy and like strong '80's style' selling tactics which are really off-putting. 
Desperation kills sales. 
People rarely buy from that type of strategy. It just doesn't work. True we all love the sound of our own voices, but we were all given two ears & one mouth and they really should be used in that proportion. Talking to people all about you, when you've just met them, isn't good practise. The reason being: it's boring.  
Know - Like - Trust  
And they MIGHT just buy... 
The exact same applies to websites. It's really important to remember that having a website is all about allowing people to get to know you via your content, to like you, trust you, and eventually buy from you. 
Stage 1 - Being liked. If you aren't liked, people won't buy. Which means that listening as oppose to directly selling in the early stages, is probably a much smarter thing to do. Talking too much, ranting, correcting people or giving people a hard time, isn't being likeable and as such, your chances of success are almost entirely diminished from the off-set. 
Stage 2 - Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Once people like you, you can then develop the relationship into something of a trusting relationship. Think about it...would you hire or change financial adviser, website designer, painter and decorator or dentist if you didn't first TRUST them? Selling before trust is established is poor selling strategy. 
Stage 3 - Persistence. Once you are liked and trusted, you might just have a chance of actually getting a sale! However let's not forget, you're up against lots of other competitors who do exactly what you do and your prospects might actually have a stronger relationship with them. On top of this, people aren't necessarily ready to buy what you have right now. However if you keep getting in touch in a non-threatening and non-salesy way, you'll be building a strong relationship, and when they are just about ready to buy, they may just get in touch with you. 
Stage 4 - This goes kind of hand in hand with the previous stage, however give value. Show people why you are in expert, develop their faith in you, help them improve their business & lives, and your life will change as a result. 
Don't ask her to marry you after the first date. 99% will say no.  
Closing the sale no longer exists. Infact, it never really did exist. The closing of a sale happens in the long term relationship that's nurtured over a period of time. Look at some of the best marketers & business people in the world, Ryan Deice, Jeffrey Gitomer, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins....they all built trust and position themselves as leaders over a period of time and they relentlessly persist. 
So applying this mantra to websites...are you spewing all over your prospects? Is there too much information on your webpage? Are you begging for the sale too quickly? Or are you providing small risk-free baby steps that they can take? Is your website light, friendly and welcoming, with an effective way to entice people to raise their hand slightly showing their interest? 
Yiannis Triplis 
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