The clocks have changed, spring flowers are blooming, and birds are nesting. It must be springtime. 
Traditionally it’s time to start dusting, polishing, and tidying - and it’s also the ideal season to review your website. 
Here are our five simple steps to make spring cleaning your website more fun than a dash around the office with a duster or a frenzy of filing. 

Refresh your design 

Things are always changing in the world of web design so it’s worth taking a look at current trends and best practices. 
You might decide it’s time to completely refresh your online look or you could simply make a few changes to create a more contemporary feel. 
You could change the typefaces you use or update your images. If photos of you and your team are looking a bit dated, invest in some professional portrait photography or, perhaps, some explainer videos. 

Unpack some new content 

Websites need fresh new content to succeed online. Search engines reward websites that are regularly updated with higher rankings, so don’t let your website content go stale. 
If you don’t already have a blog, spring is a good time to start. Your blog will add new content, engage your customers and highlight your skills and expertise. 

Keep your content tidy 

Like spring cleaning, maintaining your website is a lot easier if you keep up to date with the regular jobs. Keep an eye on your analytics and pay attention to pages that don’t perform well. 
Try changing your content and your keywords to be more appealing to your audience and to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Once you have made your updates, be sure to check your grammar and spelling. 
Then you can use your website spring clean to check that everything is still up-to-date and relevant and that it still represents your business accurately. 

Do some decluttering 

Adding new content regularly is important, but you should also check your existing content and get rid of any pages or information that you don’t need or that is out of date. 
It’s surprising how quickly your content can collect dust and cobwebs, so regular reviews are always a good idea. 
Events that are more than a few months old, promotions that have closed and sales that have finished will all make your website look a little unloved. You might have stopped offering some products or services, so make sure they are removed. Replace them with current and future events or offers so that people know your website content is up-to-date and accurate. 
Check that your team page includes only your current staff and that contact details are up-to-date. Take a look at your ‘About Us’ page to make sure that it still tells the right story. One good way to keep this content fresh is to have a timeline that you can add to every few months. 

Make sure it all works 

Whenever you make changes to your website it’s important to check that everything is still working well. 
Make sure your changes haven’t created any broken links and that all of your pages look and work as you expect on your live site. 
If you have changed your contact form, send a test message to be sure it works. 
Especially if you have added new images, test your site’s speed in case something is slowing it down. Your customers won’t wait for pages that take a long time to load. 
Try to imagine that you are visiting the site for the first time and ask yourself if it’s providing the type of user experience that will deliver the results you’re looking for. 
Take a look on different screen sizes and devices to make sure that all the right information is displayed. 

Need some help? 

With the help of your local it’seeze consultant, you could have a professionally designed website that is tailored to your business needs. With an it'seeze website, you can easily edit all of your content, so spring cleaning will never be a problem again. If you ever have a question or a problem, help and support is always just a phone call away. 
So, if editing your website is a real chore, or you decide that it needs more than some cleaning and tidying-up, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you need help identifying issues on your current website, contact us for a free website performance check
A new it’seeze website could be yours in just a few weeks. 
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